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Casa Aurora Reviews - Granada Spain


A perfect find to escape from the demands of busy living. Tranquility and peace are quickly restored amongst the rustic charms of this typically rural Spanish village. Inside the property quirky, yet modern, comforts on all three levels of this uniquely and lovingly restored house are tasteful and practical. The fresh mountain air coupled with the plentiful opportunities to explore the picturesque surroundings will ensure restful sleep when it’s time to turn in!

Bedrooms are airy and beds are sumptuous! The daily toot toot of the delivery bread van welcomes a new day, providing fresh breads and pastries to the door! This is a beautiful property, a home from home , with indoor and outdoor facilities to make any stay one to remember. One I will certainly be returning to.

Sally Roberts

Casa Aurora Review - Granada Spain

I give it:

I give Casa Aurora a five star review!